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  As you may know,the best way to keep yourself physically fit is to exercise every day.The. (21__________) is that you should (22 __________)physical fitness part of your (23__________) routine.It is the same.with mental fitness. ( 24__________ ) you want to be able to think well and to learn well,you (25__________ ) exercise your mind daily.
  As with phsical fitrtess,there are a (26__________ ) 0f activities you can do to keep in contro1.However,over the (27__________ ) run,the very best way to exercise your mind is to (28__________) the habit of readin9.Here is why.Think of the difference,between watching television and (29__________ ) a book. Watching television is a passive experience.You sit,you look,and you listen.Such concentration is (30 __________) by outside stimulation(刺激).Reading.a book,on the other hand.requires (31__________) concentration.As you read,you must,put in a great deal of effort to look at the words,(32__________)0ut what they mean,and build、.up images,thoughts and opinions within your (33__________) Druing your reading,if you stop concentrating,even (34 __________) a second, eyerything stops.Nothing happens,until you start concentrating again.For this reason,reading regularly forces you to (35__________) your powers of concentration,a skill whose value would be difficult to overpraise.
  ( )21.A.thing
  ( )22.A.cause
  ( )23.A.daily
  ( )24.A.Until
  ( )25.A.may
  ( )26.A.pair
  ( )27.A.LOng
  ( )28.A.change
  ( )29.A.reading
  ( )30.A.done






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